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Mirrored Resonance Waterfall

The Mirrored Resonance Waterfall is a bridge and a mirror. A depth sensor captures participants’ silhouettes and brings them into the virtual waterfall, bridging worlds. Participants observe their bodies and movements in the digital space, engaging physically as their mirrored selves interact with water molecules in the particle system.

Mirrored Resonance Waterfall encourages physical engagement and facilitates play, bridging the “playfulness” gap between children and adults.

This installation was created using Max, Microsoft Kinect v2, and one Optoma short-throw projector. My GPU-accelerated particle system was adapted from a patch by Rajan Craveri. 🙏


Many of the Luminata attendees had decorated lanterns on pole. In this video they are using the lanterns to interact with the waterfall.

Clarinet Improvisation

At Luminata, a clarinetist sat down against a tree and began improvising based on participants’ movements. The resulting collaboration was spontaneous and hilarious. Credit to Mr Ed Sullivan providing the music.

Rear-projection View

Viewing the back side of the installation is interesting because you observe the ghost-like effect of the performer/participant without seeing their actual person.

Dusk Installation

Dusk Installation