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Statement of Purpose

Hi! I'm a musician and technologist with a depth of experience creating user experiences and working at the intersection of arts and technology.

For most of my life, artistic pursuits have been separate from technological pursuits. I pursued composition and performance as a musician and relegated software engineering to my rent-paying day job. This separation crumbled when a friend suggested I check out Jon Leidecker’s podcast Variations: a history of appropriative collage in music. While my friend was excited to share with me this history of sample-based music-- what I took away from it was a new framework for understanding the creative process and a new appreciation for technology that enables collage as a methodology. I have come to refer to my new obsession as digital collage: leveraging technology to re-imagine our world and our tools for expression.

One digital collage project in particular that I am proud of came out of a virtual reality hackathon. I pitched the idea of creating a gesture-based tool for musical expression that would not be possible outside of VR. Participants at the hackathon were interested in this idea, and we formed a team of six with a wide range of skills and experience. Over the next 48 hours, our team built a novel vocal sampler that is controlled by “painting” and interacting with lines of vocal samples in space. The project leverages immersive technology to bring physicality and spatial intelligence to the practice of vocal sampling. We called it Vox Augmento. After the event, I continued to work on Vox Augmento and was invited to demo at the NIME 2018 conference at Virginia Tech.

As a full-stack software engineer for web applications, I have 8 years of experience building user interfaces in the browser and programming their respective backend services. Working in software consulting has given me the opportunity to work with clients on translating business needs into engineering solutions, as well as supporting collaborative teams and mentoring junior developers.

As a musician, I have 12 years experience working in bands to compose music and produce recordings. I have toured the country multiple times playing venues ranging from dive bars to large festivals, and have witnessed the transformative power of live performance and artist-audience interaction from both sides of the stage across North America.

Looking forward, my unique experience in software engineering and music will continue to inform my projects as I explore how digital collage can inspire curiosity and be a lever in the creative process. As an artist, I dream of large-scale installations and multimedia performances that change how we see ourselves and others. As an entrepreneur, I am interested in creating products for education and expression.


  • Seattle VR/AR Hackathon, Fall 2018, “Outstanding Novelty” for team

  • Seattle VR Hackathon, Fall 2017, “Best Technical Achievement” for team Vox Augmento

  • Seattle VR Hackathon, Spring 2017,“Best Use of Sound” for team Octopoculus Max



  • Max: Programming Interactive Media Applications (Stanford CCRMA)


  • Hey Marseilles

  • Savory Software (independent consulting)

  • General UI

  • Rimm-Kaufman Group

  • Bookr