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Philip Kobernik is a musician and technologist with a depth of experience creating user interfaces and exploring the intersection of music and technology.

After studying business and ethnomusicology at the University of Washington, Philip started a meetup group to learn programming and began working for startups as a web developer. Working in development gave him experience with problem solving, modeling business problems with data, supporting and leading teams, and building user experiences. Most recently he helped develop, an interactive website that helps American citizens explore and chart population, fiscal, and other data relating to government.

While working in technology, Philip also worked with his band to albums and tour the country. Working with synthesizers, sequencers, digital audio workstations, and modern hardware like the Ableton Push has given Philip an appreciation for product design outside of web pages-- user interfaces with real buttons and knobs.

In 2017, Philip dove into Max, a creative visual programming platform that enabled him to apply his programming experience to domains outside of the web browser: instruments that produce sound and visuals. He is currently helping administer the Seattle Max User Group.


  • Best Technical Achievement - September 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon
  • Best VR Sound Experience - April 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon


  • Max: Programming Interactive Media Applications (CCRMA Stanford)


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